Mo’s Ferry Remix Collection

Various Artists – Mo’s Ferry Remix Collection


The Mo’s Ferry Prod. history shows quite a list of releases so far. The label itself and the productions of artists such as Dapayk & Padberg, Mossa or Luka & Lazo stand for a fresh and edgy sound within the club music scene. And you get a similar picture by looking up the various remix producers the label has chosen. Their work has definitely expanded the musical spectrum – once more into minimal tool techno (Barem, Pan-Pot), another time more towards a vanguard kind of sound (Noze, Krause Duo). The „Mo’s Ferry Remix Collection“ presents a cross section over the last years. In addition to recently released tracks you’ll also find a couple of early productions on the label and one previously unreleased remix by Troy Pierce.

01. Dapayk solo - Uma (Troy Pierce Rmx)

02. Luka & Lazo - Dust No.4 (Barem Rmx)

03. Dapayk & Padberg - Close Up (Falko Brocksieper Rmx)

04. Mikael Stavöstrand feat. Big Bully - No Turning Back (Krause Duo Rmx)

05. Hidenobu Ito - Voicedelique (Krikor Rmx)

06. Marcel Knopf - Holpergeist (The Architect Rmx)

07. Dapayk solo - Hagen (Pan-Pot Rmx)

08. Mossa - Te Pone Cachonda Verdad (Cabanne Rmx)

09. Tanaka Hideyuki - Wicked Loop In Life (Dapayk Rmx)

10. Dapayk & Padberg - Island feat. Caro (Nôze Rmx)