Dapayk solo – #nofilter


Berlin based label Mo’s Ferry Prod. is celebrating the release of the 4th studio album by their very own Dapayk Solo. Titled „#nofilter“ the album will be out on Oct 12, 2015.
After having turned to a more melodic and gentle side on his last two album releases as part of the german electronica duo Dapayk & Padberg, „Smoke“(2013) and „Smoke – The Family remixes“(2014), Worgt is now being much more experimental and edgy in his productions. „I wanted the sound to be very focused“- he says about his vision for album #4. More straightforward, more reduced, more analog and dirtier than „anything i have done before“.

01. Noob Legs

02. Blooper

03. Too Deep Too Sleep (Album Version)

04. Transformation (Album Version)

05. Whereʼs My Fan

06. Raaaw

07. No Filter

08. Player Player

09. Bukowski

10. Intervention

11. 12 Hours