Open The Door / Seaside Pastures Pt.1

Dapayk & Midnight / Ezekiel Honig – Open The Door / Seaside Pastures Pt.1


fenou – Dapayk & Midnight, the #2… „Finally!“, some might say. Dapayk’s „frickel“beats contrast with the soft E-Piano phrases and above all this there is Midnight’s yearning and demanding vocal, as if we would eavasdrop on her dreaming. „Open the door“ is more than a suitable follow-up on their debut single „emergency“ (fenou01). On the B-side fenou welcomes Ezekiel Honig, electro-acoustic artist from New York. Over the past years he released on his own imprints Microcosm and Anticipate, but also on unfoundsound and others. He always found or build up platforms that represent and spread his special, very picturesque sound in a good way. Now, it is time for fenou to line up in this fine selection of labels. Ezekiel Honig’s music is experimental, but melodic, warm and sensitive. „Seaside pastures part 1“ is sophisticated electronica arranged with love and affection, not only for home listening fans. Again, this fenou #06 record is presented as a limited edition of 10“ vinyl with full-cover artwork – serially numbered, as always.

01. Dapayk & Midnight - Open The Door

02. Ezekiel Honig - Seaside Pastures Pt.1