Paying Billl

Olene Kadar – Paying Billl


Short after the latest (develish) Dapayk single Mo’s Ferry fields the Dutch guy Henk van Zwol aka Olene Kadar again. His label debut „vakbekwaam“ (mfp035) is still fresh and we do remember him playing his liveset on some of the spring-time Mo’s Ferry labelnights where he was soaked in sweat during his performance. All this established a solid relation between Amsterdam and Berlin, which is about to be expanded.
The new release „paying billl“ presents two new Olene Kadar masters. The first one is „sarg wualb“ taking the subject of „i-modulate-that-siren-until-everybody-gets-up-from-his-seat“ to the next level. The second tune is called „betrokken“ and here the young man proves that a track with extensive usage of edgy „frickelsound“ elements doesn’t have to end in a top-heavy electronica-piece, but can be directed to the floor, very straight forward and impulsive techno. These two tracks show once more what Henk van Zwol demands from his body and his consciousness when playing live

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01. Sarg Wualb

02. Betrokken

03. I Feel Ok (Mix) (FREE BONUS)