Puppet Lawyer EP

Insect Elektrika – Puppet Lawyer EP


Insect Elektrika, one of the first Czech electronic live acts ever, has already become an icon in the local scene. The two guys are collaborating since school and have brought out several releases on different labels like BWG, Tracer, Paria, Monocline, Vektron Music and Wozzotic. Now, the duo take it to the next level and present their new “Puppet Lawyer EP” on the German label Rrygular.
The four-tracker comes with a fine selection of straight ahead, upfront techno beats, just like you got used to with this label. The sound is best described as glitchy, noisy, driving and somehow classic minimal with dark and atmospheric industrial pads and some deep down bass! From the first to the last track it’s simply a round and quality release.

01. Superman In Strings

02. Mustage On Ice

03. Mr. Mayor After Years Of

04. Man In Love With Fish