QuOtE, SamplE, StEal

From Karaoke To Stardom – QuOtE, SamplE, StEal


From Karaoke To Stardom is back on track. Last month he’s already contributed a remix for Marek Bois’ „Boissche Untiefen Rmxs“. Now, the French producer comes up with a new single release on RRYGULAR… and it’s high time!
„dO yOu SpEaK iN GlitCh“ is a somber tune, almost angry using a vicious vocal phrase contrasting with a well balanced and complex rhythmic pattern. Obviously, Jeremy Herpe continues connecting his roots in IDM to the Techno scenery, that is not so minimalish anymore. The vocal part is the key for the second track, as well. „hErE iS A FrUit“ is a story telling song with a deep and warm sounding bassline. What’s left when you can’t find the words is a feeling of melancholy at it’s deepest. And there’s a third track named „hOllyWoOdGe“ that is bundled in the digital release. It’s a dark and self-propelling DJ tool re-focussing the attention away from the dancefloor towards sounds playing far far outside and then back again to the approaching rhythm section… and so forth.

01. dO yOu SpEaK iN GlitCh

02. hErE iS A FrUit

03. hOllyWoOdGe (digital only)