Schwarz & Kaden Remixes

Dapayk solo – Schwarz & Kaden Remixes


Mathias Kaden and Henrik Schwarz remix their favourite tracks from Dapayk’s „Decade One“ Album. The best loops are still those that get you more excited, the longer you play them. Mathias Kaden’s remix of „All Eyes On You“ is from that rare category. Kaden himself seems to be aware of the efficiency of his loop and confidently gives it time to develop without leaving people waiting for the drop longer than neccessary. There’s no need to introduce every element step by step to keep the tension. Instead of just remixing the track conventionally, Kaden took obviously a lot of time and love for details to create something new! Henrik Schwarz operates on his remix of „Back To Me“ with an entirely different approach that isn’t less interesting. The transposition of the key applies some fresh paint to the song. The producer enriches the track with his personal saxophon variant. Additional to the original instrument he uses a weird needle-scratch kind of sound to play the virtuose solo passages. The very similar harmonics remind you of the real woodwind – a very eccentric piece that goes with the clubs as well as the couch!

01. Back To Me feat. Camara & Jon Hester (Henrik Schwarz Rmx)

02. All Eyes On You (Mathias Kaden's Eyes On The Groove Rmx)

03. Kelly feat. Jon Hester (Berk Offset Rmx) (Digital Only)