Smoke (Album)

Dapayk & Padberg – Smoke (Album)


Change, transformation, developement- these have always been the motor behind Berlins electronica duo Dapayk& Padberg. On their 4th longplayer they might now have made the most uncompromising step during their 10 year carreer in wich they have become one of europes most fascinating Clubacts. Their magic formula? Looking for alternatives. With their longplayer „Smoke“ they bid a temporary farewell to the dancefloor. They are taking new paths, searching, trying new, never before seen patterns.


01. Drowning Inside You

02. Layers

03. Headless Queen

04. Pavements

05. Ginger

06. Smoke

07. Ingwer

08. Silent Fireworks

09. Gingembre

10. No Words

11. Dark Days

12. Some Air

13. Joachims Kalimba

14. Dance In Your Flame