Smoke (Family Remixes)

Dapayk & Padberg – Smoke (Family Remixes)


Last fall, Dapayk & Padberg released „Smoke“, their most sinister, most atmospheric and most peculiar album to date. Just in time for the upcoming summer season the Berlin-based electronica duo and notable artists from the Mo’s Ferry label ask for the dance floor again playing their „Smoke Family Remixes“. The result is an airy, chilly, highly danceable club makeover. Mastermind Niklas Worgt says: „We are extremely pleased to work with all these artists and to have them on our album“.

01. No Words (Darlyn Vlys & Maximiljan Remix)

02. Silent Fireworks (Marek Hemmann Remix)

03. Pavements (Patrick Vano Remix)

04. Layers (ChloƩ Remix)

05. Pavements (Alex Kork Remix)

06. Silent Fireworks (Dapayk Remix)

07. Gingembre (Greenbeam & Leon Remix)

08. Dark Days (From Karaoke To Stardom Remix)

09. Gingembre (Malte Seddig Remix)

10. Some Air (Piotr Bejnar From Siberia Remix)

11. Headless Queen (Enliven Deep Acoustics Remix)

12. Some Air (Jedi Jet Remix)

13. Silent Fireworks (Benotmane Outro Cut)

14. Some Air (NU Remix)

15. Gingembre (Sebastian Russell Remix)

16. Dance In Your Flame (Douglas Greed Remix)