Sugar / Soir

Dapayk & Padberg / Dredl Kibosh – Sugar / Soir


fenou #8 – Dapayk & Padberg on fenou – YES! Following up their brilliant „black beauty“ album on fenou’s parent label Mo’s Ferry in 2007 and the two album remix records last year this is something new, and different. Ok, the duo already had a fenou-like moment with the remix of „island (feat. Caro)“ by Noze. But this A-side „sugar“ shows exactly what the genre description „cute minimal electronica“ actually means. It’s somewhere between clubby, but distinctive Electronica beats, a vocal that reveals a definite Pop-appeal and some Lounge-like tunes. The B-side „soir“ by Dredl Kibosh is quite different from that. It’s a deep and relaxing track developing very slowly to leave a feeling of zero gravity in the end. Thereby it’s not as complex as Ezekiel Honig’s „seaside pastures pt.1“ on fenou06, but continues the laid-back side of fenou in a perfect way. Consequently, the fenou no.8 is presented as a limited edition of 10“ records.

01. Dapayk & Padberg - Sugar

02. Dredl Kibosh - Soir