Take Me Home

Radioblue – Take Me Home


Radioblue’s „Take Me Home“ on Fenou #16 is the sweetest piece of minimalish housy electronica in a long time on this label. As a mere mortal you cannot resist the dreamy voice of Sylwia van der Wonderland. You just want to fulfil her wish to take her home and get caught up in her world. Solely the music itself makes it impossible to leave the dance floor… and that’s thanks to Robert – The Rocket Scientist – who is the other half of this organic duo. With remixes by Umami, Arjuna Schiks and Le Prix you can choose from various styles, but when the last beats fade you’re almost forced to flip to B side and back to the A and so on and so forth…

01. Take Me Home (Umami Rmx)

02. Take Me Home

03. Take Me Home (Arjuna Schiks Rmx)

04. Take Me Home (Le Prix Rmx)