Solid Slap – Temper


The new fenou25 release is actually a split ep, despite the fact that the same artists made these tracks. Solid Slap (formerly Dice) are two guys from Hamburg. With track #1 „Temper“ they definitely walk along the path of more popular electronic dance music. But this comes as no surprise considering the vocal parts that the guys recorded together with young Berlin singer Blen Baheru. On the flip track #2 „Rising Skies“ is a chilly track with a relaxed beat structure, ambient pad sounds and a recurring piano melody that seduces you to night and day dreaming. Last but not least we have „Temper“ in Madison’s deep Chicago Calm Down Mix as a FREE BONUS track for >> download <<

01. Temper (feat. Blen)

02. Rising Skies

03. Temper [feat. Blen] (Madison's Chicago Calm Down Mix)