The Souk EP

Kadebostan – The Souk EP


For the second time, Kadebostan opens up an oriental sound bazaar on Fenou with „The Souk E.P.“ and feeds us with musical delicacies. On side A he charms us with a virtuous sounding clarinet like a snake charmer decoys the hissing reptiles from a basket. Our hips are swaying softly and smoothly under this hypnosis to a beating rhythm and repeating bass lines. On the flip he reveals the veil and involves us in a world of foreign sounding magical music. It is a miraculous mixture of charming vocals, gently, but firmly beginning rhythm and oriental guitar and piano scales. What remains is a moment of magic.

01. The Souk

02. Les Indes Galantes

03. The Souk (No Horns Mix)