Marcel Knopf – Thinkaboutyou


Marcel Knopf is rather a DJ than a producer. You’ll notice the fact while listening and dancing to his sophisticated DJ sets, but also when looking up his release history to date. Knopf is definitely not one of these guys who release their umph-teenth record on the umph-teenth label. Haste makes waste… that’s the plan as it seems. One and a half year after his debut on RRYGULAR the new „thinkaboutyou“ marks his second more floor-oriented record on the label. On the A-side the title track follows his prior „lloyd & narain“ release, but it reveals an improved arrangement and the vocal sample used in here is a tidy ear-catcher. On the B-side Knopf’s „clickdub“ shows that it’s time again to bring more punchy techno to the labels musical output. A stomping bassdrum provides the foundation for this loopy and straight forward-oriented power bar kind of track.

01. Thinkaboutyou

02. Clickdub