UndO rEdO wEirdO Lp

From Karaoke To Stardom – UndO rEdO wEirdO Lp


Since the release of his debut album „UndO rEdO wEirdO“ in spring 2007 the Parisian producer From Karaoke To Stardom (what a jaw-breaker) is taking off rapidly. A well-stuffed booking schedule, remixes for Dapayk, Dilo&Gurtz and more, as well as a releases on Apnea and Adjunct coming soon… all that shows, Jeremy Herpe is a very busy man, at present. The first three part edition of his first album was quite a success. So, RRYGULAR decided to bring a complete „UndO rEdO wEirdO Lp“ album set, again.
And here’s one more recommendation… the „UndO rEdO wEirdO MIX“ with a recording of his liveset is also available. In addition to the album tracks it contains his earlier work on RRYGULAR, too and even some unreleased productions.

01. stOmPin NatiOn

02. Out Of hOp

03. rEduCE tO sEduCE

04. 44 blEeD StREet

05. hOmEtOWn BulKk KlUBb

06. UpPeRs dOwNErS SCrEAmErS

07. bOtOxXx DetOxXx

08. dORs-La-PilUlE

09. hOmEtOWn BuKkk KluBb (DapAyK RmX)

10. StOmPin NatiOn (SEuiL RmX)

11. UpPeRs dOwNErS SCrEAmErS (RyaN CrOSsOn RmX)

12. NiGhtMarE On BlEEd StrEET (SEph 3 TrX Re-EdiT)