UndO rEdO wEirdO PART 1

From Karaoke To Stardom – UndO rEdO wEirdO PART 1


From Karaoke To Stardom – for the French musician and the RRYGULAR guys lie special and busy times ahead. Short after his two releases in 2006 the album of the newcomer „UndO rEdO wEirdO“ comes out. Other well-known labels have already recognised the huge potential of Jeremy Herpe – such as Apnea, where he released his maxi „loopism opossum“.
The album set starts with the „U.R.W. PART I“ that contains four minimal, very deep impulsive tracks. Here, Jeremy’s Dub influences reflects themselves in the bass and give these tracks unusual warmth for Minimal Techno. His preference for detailed arrangements as well as his addiction to a certain darkness work without focussing on a slowing down chilliness. The package is pure, bright Minimal Rock!
Next month the album set will be continued with the second 4-Tracker and a remix vinyl will follow. There will also be a CD release named „UndO rEdO wEirdO MIX“. It shows, that From Karaoke To Stardom is more than just a studio producer; he also convinces as a live act on tour.

01. stOmPin NatiOn

02. Out Of hOp

03. rEduCE tO sEduCE

04. 44 blEeD StREet