UndO rEdO wEirdO PART 2

From Karaoke To Stardom – UndO rEdO wEirdO PART 2


From Karaoke To Stardom  right after the first 4-tracker of his album theres the second one coming along to extend the bundle  UndO rEdO wEirdO Part II. Completely obligated to the character of an album the second part picks up where the first one left off. It brings four more tracks, that show Jeremys idea of somber-minimal, but very sophisticated club sound arrangements. His detailedness and the complexity of the tracks are cutting furrows in your memory, his grooves are about to rock every floor-oriented DJ out there. For all the vinyl collectors the 12inch version is packaged with a special album cover box, which is big enough to house the first part of the album and the upcoming remix record, as well.

01. hOmEtOWn BulKk KlUBb

02. UpPeRs dOwNErS SCrEAmErS

03. bOtOxXx DetOxXx

04. dORs-La-PilUlE