UndO rEdO wEirdO rmXs

From Karaoke To Stardom – UndO rEdO wEirdO rmXs


„From Karaoke To Stardom – part number 3 of 3 named „UndO rEdO wEirdO rmXs“ completes the album box by french producer Jeremy Herpe.
Track One is Dapayk’s remix of „hOmEtOWn BulKk KlUBb“. Notorious for his dry, but also dirty style he cleaned up the somber, interwoven original and leaves the drive already inherent to the track and some close-cropped samples. Seuil destillates the essential parts from the rather demanding „StOmPin NatiOn“ to arrange them with a more relaxed groove that’s dancing towards a pleasant dawn. Ryan Crosson’s „UpPErS dOWnErS ScrEamErS“ remix begins very refreshing with a more or less untypical intro and stays musically electrifying until the very end. It would be unfair to say „NiGhtMarE On BlEEd StrEEt“ is a remix. Somehow Seph was not in the mood to decide which track to work on. Therefore, he took three of the album tracks and created a demonically-grinning minimal potpourri, that’s in the end very close to the album artist’s sound.“

01. hOmEtOWn BuKkk KluBb (DapAyK RmX)

02. StOmPin NatiOn (SEuiL RmX)

03. UpPeRs dOwNErS SCrEAmErS (RyaN CrOSsOn RmX)

04. NiGhtMarE On BlEEd StrEET (SEph 3 TrX Re-EdiT)