Olene Kadar – Vakbekwaam


Olene Kadar… Well, sounds like the occident. But that’s the completely wrong track. Behind this moniker you’ll find a young man by the real name of Henk van Zwol and he’s from Holland, more precisely from Friesland. All but far away from the bigcity-club-socialization a wondrous, but fascinating character grew up, that just started to spread out. It would be a schame to just leave him to the machinery of the club music business today. But first of all, the most important thing, his music:
Olene Kadar’s A-side track „button“ is most clearly described by one word: Excess! Because that’s the result when you are dancing on the floor smoothly and inagitated and then this insane, frantic modulation of sounds is irrupting. Sure, there’s a need for a proper loudness and an extented low end (a little more than usual) is helping a lot to intensify this moment. What DJs build up over a set of two to three hours, „button“ offers the peak in barely eight minutes.
The B-side starts with the title track „vakbekwaam“. Straight pumping bass, numerous crazy cirulating percussion elements combined with a manic vocal sample disconnected from reallity. Hypnotic, almost like the singings of shamans, that’s what it’s like when Olene Kadar constantly changes the mix of all inherent elements.
The last track „honderd dollar bill“ brings back the Rave signal again. This time it is surrounded by a more quiet rhythmic pattern. The track is intended to be a point of rest, but no break – because it lasts for just a moment, until the next A-side is kickin’ in…

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01. Button

02. Vakbekwaam

03. Honderd Dollar Bill

04. Bulk (FREE BONUS)