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Kadebostan is a producer, DJ and president of the band ‚The National Fanfare of Kadebostany‘.

A life in the atmosphere of music. In 2007 a very young face refreshed the sonic media market with an opulent-melodic modus operandi, pressed in aromatic vinyl on FAT. An especially delightful, self-contained style with a fervent-soul manifested in preparation for his debut. An intelligent-sensi-tively arranged kind of club music above and beyond the standard effective testosterone clamor emerged. He tracks, nine songs from Kadebostan develop an unchained strength complete with an appetite for passion fed by influences such as classic and jazz. He is inspired from the variety of music and art in general. Especially when you consider the element of fatherhood Kadebostan has quite a unique understanding for the tonal arts and their dynamics.

As a live act he brings electronic music as a driving romantic art form without kitsch. He understands it with technical devices of the old guard; a magical temperamental closing of the ranks between exulting kicking enthusiasm and an exhilarating melodic. It comes to an electro-acoustic tones special that is a veritable shower of multifaceted feelings set aloft in the heights of the club. With a completely positive vigor whose seasonings appear to be found in the deep essentials of the laws of nature, there grows a rhythmic sonic tapestry. As a live production this dance-flourishing has a temperament that far exceeds it’s expression on electronic media.

Seldom does electronic dance music presented live from a single person come across in such as way: manifold warmth and simultaneously rhythmic intensity with a view on sensibility and the compulsion to move. Wonderfully swimming, collapsing house techno from ‚way out there‘ with that zealous-ness and romantic dynamic – world hymns with thump and character sail over the ear of the heart chambers.

Releases by Kadebostan