„Cadooooooosh…“ – Alec Troniq is back!

Alec Troniq’s mission goes on. „Cadoosh EP“, his second instalment on Mo’s Ferry, brings brand new jams from the heart of „Alectropolis“. It’s a rough and unadorned view on the world today. If you want to moan, you’d better cut it off. Alec is here to rebel!

Dapayk solo’s „The Calling Remixes“ out now!

As the year comes to an end Dapayk Solo treats us to another highlight of 2018. His most stand out „The Calling“ album tracks receive a make over by some of the scenes hottest remixers and artists such as Animal Trainer, Lexer, Raumakustik and Monkey Safari.

Dapayk solo feat. Mental Bend invite you to „Walk With Me“

„Walk with me“ is an invitation into the early hours of the morning. On his newest release Dapayk skillfully captures those first fragile moments of a new day when the night with all its possibilities still lingers in the air. It’s the sound of a new beginning waiting to happen. A soft rolling baseline and jazzy piano will bring you back to life and the soulful vocals by featured act Mental Bend will stay with you for more than just a walk. The release features also the additional track „Angel’s Share“. It fits right into that after hour salvation. A weightless, grooving hymn that boasts a whole lot of happy vibes to get you through those darker winter days.

„Blackout“ by Dapayk solo out now!

An actual blackout always comes unexpected and unavoidable. For Dapayk Solo’s newest release it is safe to say the exact same thing. „Blackout“ is a force of a track. Compelling beat structures build the solid foundation for a dark and hysterical lead signal that will give you goosebumps and make you throw up your arms at the same time. This track is not for the weak at heart.

Mattia Pompeo takes us back to „1973“

This is the first release of musician and dog lover Mattia Pompeo on Mo’s Ferry. His journey to us took him over Sincopat, Stil Vor Talent, Time Has Changed, Smiley Fingers,… to name just a few. His driving 3-tracker ranks on the edge of Tech to Progressive House with high potential for a late summer hit on the main festival stages.

Welcome Alec Troniq’s „Butterbee“!

Alec Troniq is an artist on a mission. His edgy, almost punky style between Tech and Deep House is always peppered with an unorthodox handling of his studio equipment. This attitude in making music fits Mo’s Ferry just perfectly, we thought…

„Wanderer“ by Dapayk solo out now!

„Wanderer“ is the essence of what makes a good open air track. We’re sure, it is the soundtrack of your summer and many more to come. Yet another all time favorite by Dapayk solo who never fails to deliver his signature sound with a new twist.

Dapayk solo’s „Aurora“ for your festival playlist

Just before the festival season gets under way, Dapayk solo drops a special club edit of „Aurora“. The track stays true to its name with a build-up composed of throbbing ethereal synths, which give the track an otherworldly vibe. What a perfect setup for the time between day and night and day.


Rawley’s „My Breakout Remixes“ out now!

Rawley’s highly acclaimed debut single „My Breakout“ receives an remix update. Mo’s Ferry label boss Dapayk and long-time fellow Patrick Vano support the youngster with new versions of both tracks „My Breakout“ and „Detroit People“.


Dapayk solo „After All (feat. VARS)“ out now!

Dapayk solo comes up with a radio edit of „After All“ taken from his brand new „The Calling“ album. This track is a collaboration with singer/producer VARS, who has released on Dapayk’s Enfant Fenou label. The new wave inspired track marks one of the most enticing pieces on the album, combining four to the floor percussion with tantalizing vocals.


Patrick Vano „Puppetmaster“ out now!

Patrick Vano is a safe bet when looking for a new peak time gem. For his „Puppetmaster“ release he receives support from the talented youngster Rawley who is the newest stallion in the stable of Mo’s Ferry Prod. Both deliver groovy and driving tech house tunes with a few spun elements the label is always looking for.


ALBUM RELEASE! Dapayk solo „The Calling“

We are delighted to announce the official release of Dapayk solo’s 10th studio album „The Calling“. On this longplayer he concentrates on a futuristic theme throughout the album, telling the story of Zoe, a young survivalist searching for answers on a digital pilgrimage in the year 2118. The result is a digital, ultra-modern epic, providing the soundtrack to an avant-garde journey.


Harbour Remixes out now!

On their „Harbour Remixes“ EP Dapayk & Padberg have gathered their original over-dreamy downbeat track with two outstanding remixes. Rodriguez Jr. offers his version on a platter full of deep house delicacies that will tease your tastebuds in all the right places. Cesare vs. Disorder charges forward with his signature minimal tech house sound, playfully arranging the original pieces into a swirling of playful beats.


Dapayk solo makes you nuts!

The title of Dapayk Solos new Release „Nuts“ suggests exactly the kind of funky, pumping and at times hysterical vibe that this track delivers. Absolute peaktime material, that is sure to get the masses moving! Feel free to do as Dapayk Solo prescribes and just go nuts with this tune in your ear.


Rawley’s debut „My Breakout“ on Mo’s Ferry

We’re excited about this young guy’s idea of House and Techno. You can feel his roots in the vinyl era of the 90s. But he’s grown up in a time with digital sound esthetics all around. Working on his dj skills since the age of 13 Rawley is known for putting the dance floor in pure ecstasy. The two-tracker „My Breakout“ proves that he also has it as a producer. Peaktime Stuff!


New single: Dapayk solo „Wacko“

Dapayk solo’s newest single „Wacko“ is on the decks. The third issue of his new single series passed the quality control with flying colors. Machine House at its finest, that Mr. Dapayk has delivered again.


Dapayk & Padberg „Watching Over You“ Remixes out now!

Dapayk & Padberg are on tour this summer and tranformed their „Harbour“ album tracks to be a lot more dancefloor-friendly. It’s time for us to release some of them. The first remix single starts with „Watching Over You“ in their own new Watergate version, followed by a fantastic and highly groovy David Jach remix. But the original album version should not be missing in this triple pack…

mfd32 cover

Dapayk solo is pushing really good…

Dapayk solo’s „Pusher“ lives up to its name. The second issue of his new single series is like an energy bar. Take a bite and recharge your battery. The dirty beats and a little bit of disco is what you need to reach the finish line.


Lazo contributes to Mo’s Ferry Mixes

Welcome back, Lazo – it’s been a while. But we’re blown away by your latest addition to the Mo’s Ferry Mixes series. The variety of styles from deep to jazzy to edgy is what it takes to let this mix stand out of the rest. And the mixing is sooo smooth. Enjoy listening…


Dapayk solo „Friction“

Dapayk solo is starting his new series of Singles with „Friction“. What a smasher! Raw, full of energy and pushing forward. That’s how he’s playing his live sets.


Patrick Vano „InDustRealized EP“ out now!

Patrick Vano’s next installment on Mo’s Ferry is an adventure ride between Techno and House with side trips into minimal or psychedelic areas… and out on Vinyl and digital today!


Mo’s Ferry take-over Boiler Room, Berlin

What a great Thursday with Mo´s Ferry Prod. take-over Boiler Room Berlin. Thanks again to Ritter Butzke for hosting this evening. And big hugs to our artists dapayk solo, Micronaut, douglas greed, KleinschmagerAudio, Patrick Vano and The Outernet.


We’re happy to gather for our first BOILER ROOM on Thu, Dec 8 (9pm) at Ritter Butzke, Berlin. Who’s playing? We have LIVE performances by Dapayk solo, The Micronaut, Douglas Greed and The Outernet as well as DJ sets by Patrick Vano and Kleinschmager Audio.


„Taste Buds“ is out now!

Home is where the heart is, party is where your friends are! You’re familiar with each other and already know the evening will be great. Mo’s Ferry’s current mini-compilation, „Taste Buds“, is a ping pong game between accomplished live acts like Dapayk solo, The Micronaut and The Outernet, as well as great DJs like Douglas Greed, Patrick Vano and Kleinschmager Audio. The musical journey goes from groovy Techhouse via functional Minimal to refreshing Electronica. A label showcase that is infectious and fun.


„Nice n Real“ by Dapayk solo out now!

Mo’s Ferry is happy to present Dapayk solo’s newest release „Nice n Real“ (MFD27). Successfully prooven throughout the 2016 open air season, these tracks had to be released from his live set.


Dapayk & Padberg „Sink This Ship“

Dapayk & Padberg follow along the path of their 2013 album „Smoke“ with a more listening oriented style. On „Sink This Ship“ they got support from Bebetta and Robot Koch for remixes more suitable for the dance floors…


Dapayk solo „Nerdsession Vol.1“ out now!

Dapayk started a Youtube video series called „Nerdsessions“ a few months ago where he jammed with only a few machines. A few of these nerdy jam sessions he polished in his studio and compiled them in a 4-tracker release „Nerdsession Vol.1„. Versatile in style and tool set combined with desire and courage to experiment – this made him one of the most exciting live acts and producers.


New Mo’s Ferry Mix by Mac-Kee

It’s been almost a year since we released the latest Mo’s Ferry Mix. So, we’re more than happy to have Mac-Kee on board who mixed and compiled this special 1hr set. Allow us to drop a side link to his most recent EP on RRYGULAR – „That’s Right EP“. Enjoy listening…


Patrick Vano’s „Tape Jam EP“ gets a fresh remix treatment by his friends S.K.A.T.I., Zathura and Benny Grauer.

Tape Jam EP Remixes“ was released on 01 April 2016th.


1. How did the production process of the remixes go and how long did you work on this EP?
When it became clear that there will be a remix EP, I started thinking about the artists who could do the remixes. I had three old friends in mind and I asked immediately whether they would be in the game. Three months passed until each of them was happy with his final remix. My own version of the remix came to life by accident: I worked on a new project and just for fun I put the tracks from „Rhythm Desease“ over it. And what can I say, it worked out well.

2. Where do you know your remixers from?
The remixers are all old friends of mine, who I have known for years. S.K.A.T.I. is the one I know the longest. We met at a party of mine where I booked him. Since then we are close friends.
I guess I know Martin (Zathura) as long as S.K.A.T.I. He is the younger brother of a friend, who was also involved in the event management of my parties. I remember that I got him his first DJ equipment (laughs).
Last but not least there is Benny: I met him on different parties and the contact became closer when Vladimir Corbin (manager of the event series „Tonsport“) started his events in Tübingen at the club „Blauer Turm“. Benny was in charge of the club’s booking.

3. Where will we see you play next?
There are different gigs coming ahead, but you should definitely keep in mind this date: 16/06/16 – I LOVE VINYL @ Sonar.


Ricky Ambilotti’s first release on Mo’s Ferry is part of the new „Transformation Remixes“. He is the winner of the remix contest of Roland and Dapayk Solo.

„Transformation“ was the first single from Dapayk Solo’s last album „#nofilter“.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-01 um 16.40.41

1. When did you first get into music?

Music was around me since I can remember since I have a music involved family. Started music school and studied piano from 6 years old and spent all my childhood between music study and hanging around with my father (lead tenor) in the backstage of Romania’s national musical theater “Ion Dacian”. I was loving the atmosphere there and being around one of the best performers / orchestra members in Romania.
My very first composition was in the 6th grade when I was about 12 or 13. I was doing my daily piano study and started improvising for the first time for no reason (oh kids… J). I thought it was sounding nice so I took an empty music sheet and started writing what I was playing. I think that is my first ever recording, although it was done the old “old-school” way, with the crayon on a blank music sheet.
After I finished school, I moved to small town to escape the big city agitation that I never liked. Because I’ve always refused to have normal a “9 to 5” job, I composed music for theater plays, small films and other indie projects. Around 2003, I started shifting my interest from classical inclined music to electronic music and making tracks for film / Tv licensing over the internet.

2. How do you produce music in your studio?

I don’t have a complicated setup, just a room transformed in a home studio. The nerve center is Ableton along with a few outboard gear such as Elektron Analog Four and recently the Roland Aira line. I tend to keep things simple as I came to the conclusion that inspiration can be quickly engulfed by too much gear. I think less options gear wise give more room to inspiration and efficiency.
When it comes to original productions, I tend to start the tracks with the main idea (not with the kick / groove as the majority of producers) this either being a chord progression, melody, interesting synth sound or anything that would be the main focus of the track. Just after I record this, I start wrapping it with the kick, groove and the other elements.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-01 um 16.44.45

3. What’s been the best moment of your career so far?

The most notable moment was the success of “Construkt” in 2009, one of the first tracks of my alias “Ricky Ambilotti”. That track was very different from anything I ever done, an extremely strange one from my point of view. In fact, I didn’t even planned to release it, but my girlfriend (who is a Dj) and my best friend (also musician) have insisted that it needs to be out, so we’ve released it on “3 Liquid Hz Records”, the label we created to get our music out.
I haven’t expected it, but it had tremendous success, being #1 in various electronic music charts, being played all over the world in the summer of 2009, even in BBC’s Radio One essential mix and also being present in Beatport’s “Best of minimal 2009”.
The success of “Construkt” has brought a lot of opportunities from promoters, labels and booking agencies, but because I have never been drawn to Dj’ing and I haven’t been prepared for a live-act since I haven’t expected it, I wasn’t been able to embrace those opportunities that would of most surely propelled my career in early days.

4. What are your favorite records and biggest influences?

There are so many wonderful records and talented people out there… it’s extremely hard to pinpoint.
Not being bias due to the fact that this is a Mo’s Ferry interview, one of the tracks that is close to my heart, has put a hard mark on me and also shifted my attention more and more to electronic music was in fact a remix of Dapayk.
Back in 2006 I think, I’ve heard a promo mix that had “Malou – Wordplay (Dapayk Remix)“ in it. Because the tracklist wasn’t available I had absolutely no idea who made the track, but I’ve cut it from the mix and listened it amazed every time. I have later found out that is in fact a Dapayk remix and I was thrilled, since I was already an admirer of Niklas.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-01 um 17.18.09

Another record that worth’s mentioning as being close to my heart and having an impact on me as a producer would be “Stimming – November Morning”. I have been hypnotized by its sensibility and when he released the “Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Version” of the same track I was speechless. This is the record that summed up everything I am, loving electronic music coming from a somewhat classical background.
Along Dapayk, as other influences and people I look up to would be Stephan Bodzin, Stimming, Max Cooper, Robert Babicz, but these names are just a few of the many people I am influenced by.

5. How did you get to know about the contest?

Being a follower on Dapayk’s social media, I found out from his announcement. I was very happy to have the opportunity of remixing the track. Being selected as the 5 finalists, I was already a big win for me as I knew that Niklas and the Mo’s Ferry people liked the remix in some degree.

6. You have also won the AIRA MX-1. Has it already become a part of your music production?

After winning the Dapayk remix contest, Roland East Europe kindly sent me the Aira gear (System-1, Tr-8, TB-3 and VT-3) to make some demos along with the MX-1 and after using them for a few weeks I can definitely say that Aira is a powerful production set with endless possibilities.
Besides production, I would recommend the MX-1 to any performer as being a vital piece of gear for a versatile live-act / Dj set. It has everything that an electronic music performer would ever need with a lot of inputs for outboard gear, laptop, dedicated Aira connections and a great set of highly customizable fx that can affect any gear coming trough it being able to spice up everything. Roland definitely set a whole new standard when it comes to mixers.

7. What can we expect from you next? Any surprises?

In the last 5 years I have been heavily involved in sound design and sample pack creation working with the most respected companies around. This is the reason that my attention was turned from my own production. Although I had some releases, I haven’t been too consistent neither from a release schedule point of view or genre wise. I’ve made what I thought people want to hear, not what I wanted to do.
Winning the remix contest was a wakeup call that I should try to focus more of own production and, most importantly, that I should do what I feel.
This being said, I am determined to make time and work on my own productions. I already have some tracks that I am working on, tracks that I intend to send (as my first ever sent demo) to a good label J “wink” and hopefully they would like it and have the first ‘real’ release of my alias “Ambilotti” that would really define the future. Ultimately, as every artist, I would like to make an album to be released and I also start building a long self craved live-act to be able to showcase my music first hand.

Dapayk solo „Transformation Remixes“ (mfp080)

We’re happy to announce the first remix release for Dapayk solo’s latest album „#nofilter„. On the A is Ricky Ambilotti, the winner of the remix contest curated by Dapayk and Roland Music last autumn. On the B you can find Marek Bois, the Minimal Techno alter ego of Dapayk. Enjoy!


Dapayk Solo „#nofilter“ album release party

3.12.2015 @ IPSE, Berlin – Dapayk Solo presents his new album „#nofilter“. He will be supported by Sebastian Russell and From Karaoke To Stardom who just recently released their own albums on Mo’s Ferry’s sublabel fenou. The album release party will be exclusively streamed by BE-AT.TV. Entry is by invitation only. Sign up and win tickets here:

Dapayk solo – live
From Karaoke To Stardom – live
Sebastian Russell – live


IPSE, Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 2b, 10997 Berlin


Dapayk solo „#nofilter“ – OUT NOW!

We’re more than happy to present Dapayk solo’s new album „#nofilter“ – out in stores today. Eleven new tracks… more straightforward, more reduced, more analog and dirtier than „anything i have done before“, Dapayk says.


Dapayk solo „Transformation“ (mfp078)

Mo’s Ferry presents Dapayk solo’s new double A-side single „Transformation“. This is not only a two track preview of his upcoming album „#nofilter“, but also a return to his roots of experimental ways and angularity in his production.


23.5.15 Mo’s Ferry labelnight @ Tresor, Berlin

Dapayk solo presents „FROM PARIS TO BERLIN“


Live: Dapayk Solo (Mo’s Ferry, Fenou/ Berlin)
Chloé (BPitch Control, Kill the DJ/ Paris)
Live: From Karaoke To Stardom (Rrygular/ Paris)
Marcel Knopf (Mo’s Ferry, Clap Your Hands/ Berlin)
Alexander Lorz (Mo’s Ferry, Proud/ Berlin)

Gary Beck (Bek Audio, Soma/ UK)
Dinamite (Catalytic/ Berlin)
Ro (Tresor.Berlin)


Event page on RA and FB

Three questions to Dapayk & Padberg

Dapayk & Padberg just released there new and dance floor oriented single „Come Out“ (Mo’s Ferry 76) with some long-awaited remixes by Mooryc and Eomac. Here’s a short Q+A we did with Niklas and Eva last week.


1. „Come Out“ is a perfect dance floor track – fresh & present. What was the idea behind this production?

After our last album „Smoke“ which was very deep, calm and listening oriented, we felt that it was time to actually come out with something that is more fresh and funky. We have been touring with club versions of the latest album tracks for a year and a half now and seeing people on the dancelfloor, having a good time to our music, makes us want to please them even more. So we wanted to add a new track to the repertoire, something that would make people want to „come out“ and just enjoy themselves. The message is pretty clear.

2. On the flip are two amazing remixes by Mooryc and Eomac. Why did you choose them?

We have been admiring both of these guys for quiet some time now. Their work is just always flawless and they each have their own very unique style. We always try to find remixers that will add something new to the mix and this time we got really lucky.

3. Are there any surprises we can expect from Dapayk & Padberg in 2015?

They wouldn’t be surprises anymore if we told you! …No, seriously… right now we are wrapping up the last leg of the „Smoke“ tour. Which is kind of strange, since this album has been the most personal for us and we feel like we are closing this chapter now. But that’s always part of the deal. Niklas has been working on several new projects of his own and has been keeping busy. We will probably start working on the next album in the second half of 2015. But that won’t be out for a while. There might be another single release or a little secret project we have been working on, coming out before the next album, to make the wait less long. But we can’t give anything away yet. Sorry, guys!

Dapayk & Padberg „Come Out“ ON VINYL…

We’re happy to present the new Dapayk & Padberg 12″ vinyl with a brandnew masterpiece called „Come Out“ and two long-awaited remixes by Mooryc and Eomac.


Dapayk solo „Over The Top“ out now!

Dapayk always delivers. With “Over The Top” and “Orwo” the Mo’s Ferry label boss polished the prettiest grapes taken from his current liveset. He comes up with four version, each of them with a special focus on the vinyl or digital format. Thumbs up by Troy Pierce, Pheek, Kaiserdisco, Mihalis Safras, Oliver Schories, An On Bast, ….


Five questions to Greeko

Greeko’s „Without You“ – his third release on Mo’s Ferry – is out now! Here’s a short interview we our Italian youngster…

greeko_swWhy did you first get into music?

I got into music at an really early age. I grew up on the Greek islands of Santorini & Mykonos, where my father was working in 2 summer clubs. I was just 6 years old when I had the chance to get into a club and see what happens there. I remember that I was wearing a pair of earplugs to protect my ears, but I was feeling the vibe in my body cause of the loudness of the music. It was definitely a crazy and sublime feeling. I fell in love at first sight. Later when I moved to Italy (I was 14-15 years old) I saw the underground clubbing scene was on another level. So I found my way.

How do you produce music in your studio?

I produce music in a lot of different ways and as you can see my tracks are completely different to each other. I consider myself a “modern nerd“. I guess that is because I really spend all my time with experimenting new stuff like Vst’s or sometimes by just sampling every kind of thing that surrounds me. But anyway, today you don’t need big things to do music. The technology gives a lot of chances to everybody and I have also a really simple studio. If the technology was a bit like in the early 90s, I for sure wouldn’t be able to buy all that analogic expensive machines. Today we need ideas. Everything about the music has changed. What we need are good ideas to produce good music.

What’s been the best moment of your young career so far?

Until now there are 2: The first one was in 2011 when (after my first productions) at the age of 18 I got the chance to catch the attention of Richie Hawtin and his label M_nus. He was an idol for me. I had the chance to talk personally to him. It really helps to believe in yourself and your music, when you get this kind of support after only just a few months of music productions. This was an insane experience for me. And the second one was in Berlin in 2014. I had the chance to perform @ an Mo’s Ferry Label Night @ the legendary Tresor Club at the age of 21. I think this is the dream of every dj/producer my age around the world!!! I feel lucky.

What are your favourite records and biggest influences?

I’ve been influenced a lot by Detroit Techno but also by Hip Hop to Jazz and to every kind of music genre. I love music in general and I listen to music at least 3-4 hours each day. If the sound captures me then this is the right music for me. And the influences change constantly. I guess, it’s my characteristics. I think it helps me to stay close with the latest music.

My favourite records:

1) Stimming – November Morning (Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Version)

2) Anthony Collins – Don’t Look Down Now (Roman Flugel Remix)

3) Dapayk & Padberg feat. Caro – Island (Noze Remix)

4) Ellen Allien – Need

5) Mari Kvien Brunvoll – Everywhere You Go (Villalobos Celestial Voice Amnesia Resurrection Mix)

What can we expect from you next? Any surprises?

For now I’m working on a lot of projects. I am also collaborating with a pop band and a few amazing voices but for now this is only exclusive in my dj sets. In the forthcoming months there will be some brand new surprises. Just keep your ears open during my gigs. The first surprise will come out in January 2015 on Mo’s Ferry and I can’t wait to share this one. It is my forthcoming ep. called “Without You“ including a second track and also an amazing remix from the label boss Dapayk!

Greeko “Without You” OUT NOW!

Greeko is full of passion for the music. He tries to live and enjoy each moment and you can feel this vibe on “Without You”, the 3rd release by the young Italian on Mo’s Ferry.


Dapayk & Padberg „Layers“ remixed by Rampa & Chloe

Dapayk & Padberg welcomes the autumn season with „Layers“. The original version on their 2013 longplayer „Smoke“ got a nice treatment by Rampa and Chloe. But also Dapayk couldn’t resist to do two more clubby versions of the track.

mfp074 cover

New Mo’s Ferry by Patrick Vano

Mo’s Ferry presents „Gravity Drive“ by Patrick Vano. The 12inch contains three fantastic dj tools beyond any question. Take a listen…

mfp073 cover

New Mo’s Ferry 72 by Greeko

The new Mo’s Ferry 12inch “Beat Hit Repeat” is release no. 2 by Italian youngster Greeko and comes with some nice feedback from:
DJ Sneak: „Fav: Beat Hit Repeat. Cool stuff.“
Rampa: „Beat Hit and My Best are two dope tracks!!! Thanks.“
Affkt: „Superb tracks here! Thanks for sharing buddy.“
Someone Else: „Fav: Beat Hit Repeat. bit hiti fr me.“
Milos Fedor (Radio FM Bratislava): „Fav: Less Is More. Mo’s Ferry’s kept its sound till now… great ep!!!“

mfp072 cover

Mathias Schaffhauser „Angular – Remixed“

After the release of his album “Angular” half a year ago Mathias Schaffhauser and Mo’s Ferry invite to discover the new remixes. The Frenchman Nicolas Masseyeff and Jorge Ciccioli from Argentina ensure international scope as well as musical variation.

mfp071 cover

Mo’s Ferry Mix 4-2014 by Interelektrika

In April 2014 Mo’s Ferry presents Interelektrika. Their groovy dj mix between deephouse and techno is as inspiring as the sunny spring season. A warm and positive feeling reminds us of the upcoming daytime parties. Enjoy the set and if you like check their latest release „Tage Wie Dieser“ on fenou #20.

Dapayk & Padberg „Smoke (Family Remixes)“

Last fall, Dapayk & Padberg released „Smoke“, their most sinister, most atmospheric and most peculiar album to date. Just in time for the upcoming summer season the Berlin-based electronica duo and notable artists from the Mo’s Ferry label ask for the dance floor again playing their „Smoke Family Remixes“. The result is an airy, chilly, highly danceable club makeover.

mfd22 cover

Mo’s Ferry Mix 3-2014 by Piotr Bejnar

In March 2014 Mo’s Ferry presents Piotr Bejnar with an exclusive dj mix. Piotr became a close family member over the last years with a number of great releases and remixes. Not to forget his eccentric live performances on our label nights. He’ll be part of Dapayk & Padberg’s upcoming „Smoke Family Remixes“ album. And we’re happy to have him live at this years I Love Vinyl Open Air.

Dapayk & Padberg ignite a „Silent Firework“

Since the release of the album their track “Silent Fireworks” has been a candidate for a 12” single. And a remix by Marek Hemmann and another edit by Dapayk complete this vinyl perfectly.

V.A. „Mo’s Ferry Eisbrecher“ out now!

After three years of releasing several EPs and a few longplayers it’s been time for Mo’s Ferry Prod. to present a new selection of the label catalogue. New faces joint the artist pool, respected remixers were found and not to forget the ongoing musical development of long time fellows.

You can buy on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Juno, Whatpeopleplay and more…

mfd21 cover


Mo’s Ferry presents Mathias Schaffhauser who performed this liveset at Suicide Circus, Berlin on January 4th. Besides brand new tracks taken from his album „Angular“ he also played some remixes and edits. Compared to a studio dj mix this recording is definitely a rough one. But it reflects the situation in the club very well. Enjoy listening to his set


Mo’s Ferry Mix 1-2014 By Patrick Vano

Mo’s Ferry kicks off the new year with a dj mix by Patrick Vano. He released his debut album „The Other Side Of Me“ last year and proofed his dj skills on various events such as the I Love Vinyl Open Air and the Mo’s Ferry NYE bash in Berlin just a few days ago. We’re already excited about his upcoming releases on the label. In the meantime… enjoy listening to his mix


Competition at

Mo’s Ferry presents the new album „ANGULAR“ by Mathias Schaffhauser. Official release is Nov 22nd, 2013. But check out the competion at to win a physical copy of the album.

Vinyl out now!

Mr.Statik „Roll Down The Shutters“ is finally out on vinyl. You can listen here or buy here.

New release – Greeko „Kill EP“

Greeko is one of the new undisputed talents of the Italian scene. His latest colaboration with Darlyn Vlys made huge waves. So, welcome aboard!


New Mo’s Ferry Mix by Greeko

Mo’s Ferry welcomes Greeko – a young artist from Italy. Along with his upcoming „Kill EP“ he brought a fresh and driving dj set for our label mix series.


Mo’s Ferry welcomes back Mr. Statik

Mr.Statik’s second EP on Mo’s Ferry is out on digital today… featured by Sasha Perera with incredibly laid-backvocals and with remixes by Daze Maxim and Dapayk.


ILV Slipmats

Today we have received the new I Love Vinyl slipmats! If you are a vinyl lover and want to purchase one please send us an email to
Old school mailorder 😉

1 slipmat = 9 Euro
2 slipmats = 17 Euro
plus shipping
(Germany 2,50 Euro / international on request)


19.9. Release Party at Fiese Remise, Berlin

Mo’s Ferry presents Dapayk & Padberg „Smoke“. After a private showcase of their new video to a selected audience the doors will be open to the public. The suitable bass support comes from DJs Marcel Knopf, Kleinschmager Audio and Malte Seddig.


New Video: Dapayk & Padberg „Some Air“

Dapayk & Padberg’s „Some Air“ is taken from their 4th album „Smoke“. Inspired by the relaxed atmosphere of Southern France both musicians put some of this easiness in a song full of longing for some air.