Patrick Vano’s „Tape Jam EP“ gets a fresh remix treatment by his friends S.K.A.T.I., Zathura and Benny Grauer.

Tape Jam EP Remixes“ was released on 01 April 2016th.


1. How did the production process of the remixes go and how long did you work on this EP?
When it became clear that there will be a remix EP, I started thinking about the artists who could do the remixes. I had three old friends in mind and I asked immediately whether they would be in the game. Three months passed until each of them was happy with his final remix. My own version of the remix came to life by accident: I worked on a new project and just for fun I put the tracks from „Rhythm Desease“ over it. And what can I say, it worked out well.

2. Where do you know your remixers from?
The remixers are all old friends of mine, who I have known for years. S.K.A.T.I. is the one I know the longest. We met at a party of mine where I booked him. Since then we are close friends.
I guess I know Martin (Zathura) as long as S.K.A.T.I. He is the younger brother of a friend, who was also involved in the event management of my parties. I remember that I got him his first DJ equipment (laughs).
Last but not least there is Benny: I met him on different parties and the contact became closer when Vladimir Corbin (manager of the event series „Tonsport“) started his events in Tübingen at the club „Blauer Turm“. Benny was in charge of the club’s booking.

3. Where will we see you play next?
There are different gigs coming ahead, but you should definitely keep in mind this date: 16/06/16 – I LOVE VINYL @ Sonar.