„Wanderer“ by Dapayk solo out now!

„Wanderer“ is the essence of what makes a good open air track. We’re sure, it is the soundtrack of your summer and many more to come. Yet another all time favorite by Dapayk solo who never fails to deliver his signature sound with a new twist.

Komplement „Dust“ out now!

Enfant Fenou presents „Dust“ – Komplement’s first single release on Enfant Fenou. The collaboration of Cologne-based musicians De Rien and Head Under Water connects puzzle pieces of style. The soulful virtuosity of De Rien’s performances melts into the ambient textures of singer/producer Head Under Water creating vivid vibes in lush spaces.

Dapayk solo’s „Aurora“ for your festival playlist

Just before the festival season gets under way, Dapayk solo drops a special club edit of „Aurora“. The track stays true to its name with a build-up composed of throbbing ethereal synths, which give the track an otherworldly vibe. What a perfect setup for the time between day and night and day.


The Micronaut and the trees…

We’re happy to release The Micronaut’s new EP / mini album „And Also The Trees“ on Enfant Fenou. The multi-talented producer who already compiled our latest Fenou Bouquet Vol.4 and joined us for our „Mo’s Ferry Boiler Room“ session is now presenting a cycle of 5 tracks dedicated to the theme of trees. As diverse as our forests is his typical style between electronica, down tempo, bass-heavy breaks and catchy-melodic pop.


Rawley’s „My Breakout Remixes“ out now!

Rawley’s highly acclaimed debut single „My Breakout“ receives an remix update. Mo’s Ferry label boss Dapayk and long-time fellow Patrick Vano support the youngster with new versions of both tracks „My Breakout“ and „Detroit People“.


Dapayk solo „After All (feat. VARS)“ out now!

Dapayk solo comes up with a radio edit of „After All“ taken from his brand new „The Calling“ album. This track is a collaboration with singer/producer VARS, who has released on Dapayk’s Enfant Fenou label. The new wave inspired track marks one of the most enticing pieces on the album, combining four to the floor percussion with tantalizing vocals.


Patrick Vano „Puppetmaster“ out now!

Patrick Vano is a safe bet when looking for a new peak time gem. For his „Puppetmaster“ release he receives support from the talented youngster Rawley who is the newest stallion in the stable of Mo’s Ferry Prod. Both deliver groovy and driving tech house tunes with a few spun elements the label is always looking for.


ALBUM RELEASE! Dapayk solo „The Calling“

We are delighted to announce the official release of Dapayk solo’s 10th studio album „The Calling“. On this longplayer he concentrates on a futuristic theme throughout the album, telling the story of Zoe, a young survivalist searching for answers on a digital pilgrimage in the year 2118. The result is a digital, ultra-modern epic, providing the soundtrack to an avant-garde journey.