Enfant Fenou presents VARS „Staub EP“

VARS‘ newest release „Staub EP“ starts off where he left us on his single „See The Sunset“ last summer. Track 1 is a melancholic vocal-driven indie-pop gem. And the following two soaring electronica instrumentals create an atmosphere you can run in endless  loop.


Harbour Remixes out now!

On their „Harbour Remixes“ EP Dapayk & Padberg have gathered their original over-dreamy downbeat track with two outstanding remixes. Rodriguez Jr. offers his version on a platter full of deep house delicacies that will tease your tastebuds in all the right places. Cesare vs. Disorder charges forward with his signature minimal tech house sound, playfully arranging the original pieces into a swirling of playful beats.


Albumrelease! Mental Bend „One Step“

We are happy to release Mental Bend’s first longplayer „One Step“ on Enfent Fenou. The night is what makes a big city come to life. All it takes is a few hours, before the sunrise makes it all disappear. Mental Bend captures the magic of that very moment in their dreamy soundtracks. If you close your eyes, you can see blurry pictures passing in slow motion, accompanied by their atmospheric songs. Grainy black and white snapshots, fragments of memories lighting up somewhere in the farthest corner of the cortex. “One Step” is the Berlin-based indietronica duo’s visually vivid debut album, released on Enfant Fenou.


Dapayk solo makes you nuts!

The title of Dapayk Solos new Release „Nuts“ suggests exactly the kind of funky, pumping and at times hysterical vibe that this track delivers. Absolute peaktime material, that is sure to get the masses moving! Feel free to do as Dapayk Solo prescribes and just go nuts with this tune in your ear.


Mental Bend are „Madly In Love“

Enfant Fenou presents the second single „Madly In Love“ from Berlin-based Indietronica duo Mental Bend. Sissip’s dreamy vocals, Havekost’s trippy electronica beats and the band’s spheric harmonies fall into place perfectly. This hypnotic love song is taken from their upcoming long player „One Step“.