„Taste Buds“ is out now!

Home is where the heart is, party is where your friends are! You’re familiar with each other and already know the evening will be great. Mo’s Ferry’s current mini-compilation, „Taste Buds“, is a ping pong game between accomplished live acts like Dapayk solo, The Micronaut and The Outernet, as well as great DJs like Douglas Greed, Patrick Vano and Kleinschmager Audio. The musical journey goes from groovy Techhouse via functional Minimal to refreshing Electronica. A label showcase that is infectious and fun.



„Fenou Bouquet Vol.4“ is The Micronaut’s perfect start with Fenou. An exceptional artist, you will hear more about by next year.

„Fenou Bouquet Vol.4“ was released on 11 November 2016.


1. When did you first get into music?
I had a life-changing experience in the late 90s. I picked up friends from a party. They did not want to leave immediately, so I had to wait. The first floor was packed and they played some super-smooth Techno. But I went to the second floor, which was empty. There was a guy, who played ecstatically JUNGLE. Watching him and feeling this energy of music cast a spell over me. I then began to buy vinyl samplers and 12″ singles. Somehow I started as a Vinyl DJ and we founded our own Drum’n bass party series in Rostock: „BassBombUnit“, which lasted 10 years.
2. What are your favorite records and biggest influences?
The biggest influences come from Stereolab, Jaga Jazzist and Dinosaur Jr. It’s not the kind of music they make, it is more the feeling I got while listening to this music. I try to achieve this with my music, too.
Jaga Jazzist – What We Must
Dinosaur Jr. – Where You Been
Breakbeat Era – Ultra Obscene
Jan Jelinek – Loop Fining Jazz Records
3. Describe your sound in three words.
Expressive, alive, dramatic
4. When you play live on the stage, which equipment do you have?
Since I perform with my own synchronous lightshow, the MIDI commands come from the computer. For this I use STUDIO One. From the STUDIO One a Midiclock goes to the old RS 7000 (Yamaha) and a trashy sampler of KORG. I have some analog effects like the BIG SKY from Strymon, Korg Kaos Pad, Line 6 DL4, the Space Echo RE20. I control 2 VST sampler (Battery and Kontakt) and various VST effects (Stutter, Valhalla, WOW2). Of course, you could make this all easier, but I have a lot of fun with my setup.
5. What has been the most beautiful word/sign of gratitude that a fan/visitor of your show has ever given you?
I met a friend back from school again. We hadn’t seen each other in a very long time and he asked what I do. I told him about my music and he wanted to listen to it. I then played a song from my first album. When the song ended, I looked at him and he had tears in his eyes. He looked back at me and nodded. We said nothing.

Fenou Bouquet Vol.4 by The Micronaut

We’re happy to present our new Fenou Bouquet Vol.4 mixed and compiled by The Micronaut. The Leipzig-based musician is one of the most exciting and promising talents on the label. And his selection of new exclusive tracks, remixes and material from the extensive Fenou catalog shows that we’re right.


„Nice n Real“ by Dapayk solo out now!

Mo’s Ferry is happy to present Dapayk solo’s newest release „Nice n Real“ (MFD27). Successfully prooven throughout the 2016 open air season, these tracks had to be released from his live set.


Time for a „Nerdtalk“ with Dapayk…

Dapayk’s „20 Years On Stage“ documentary moves on with webisode #5 and gives some insider information about his production tools and workflow. Check also his „Nerdsession“ videos on youtube.

Webisode 4 – I Love Vinyl – out now!

Dapayk’s „20 Years On Stage“ documentary continues with webisode #4 where he talks about the idea behind the I Love Vinyl Open Air.