Kleinschmager Audio interview

Kleinschmager Audio interview

This month RRYGULAR released „Auris EP“ by Kleinschmager Audio and we took the chance for a short Q+A with Joern…


How has your sound changed since Audiology?
Generally, the sound has become a bit thicker and housier. On the Audiology in 2009, there are some greatly reduced sound elements, that worked well on the floor. Today, the dance floor will be empty, if we play these tracks.


How do you produce your tracks?
The tracks are created spontaneously. Generally, there is a bassline, building on the beat, etc. with the aim of creating a rolling groove. This is not always possible and is often very time-consuming. The arrangement with breaks, effects, etc. is relatively quickly.


Describe your sound in three words.
Straight, Rolling, Techno.


Why don’t you break up with turntables, when the majority of the DJs only travels with a USB stick?
It all started with turntables and I am very used to it. Thanks to timecode vinyls you could play any tracks from the laptop that did not exist on vinyl. That was before DJ Controllers with Sync button existed. During this time, there were many hip „netlabels“ and you had the opportunity to release tracks without much effort and play these on usual turntables. Since then I play a mix of real vinyl and timecode vinyl, whereby I attach great importance to the quality of the audio files. I like the „feel“ of the record very much and I think it looks even better for the guest to work behind a turntable than to press buttons and to turn jog wheels.


Are there technical features you don’t want to miss and why?
Looping. In the beginning there wasn’t the possibility. Now you can change all tracks with loops and extend them. You can affect the flow and expand the mix, etc., it does not matter whether you work with a Loopsampler or a DJ software. This is great fun while playing and goes down well with the crowd on the dance floor.


As a veteran in the Techno/DJ scene, what is your advise to newcomers?
The most important thing is to find your own sound that identifies you. It makes no sense to line up only Hits, because noone will remember. Static and remixed sxnc sets can also be boring. It is important to respond to the situation and the crowd. I experience more often that DJs only play their sets, regardless whether someone is dancing or not. And: less is more, for example the use of effects and filters.


Any thoughts about retiring?
As long as it’s fun and as long as I can heat up the dance floor, I don’t think about retiring. I am still in good shape, there’s more to come 🙂


What are your future musical plans?
After the „Auris E.P.“ I will tackle the next one. Half a year will pass by until the next release. Maybe there are a couple of remixes in the meantime.