New Mo’s Ferry Mix by Mac-Kee

It’s been almost a year since we released the latest Mo’s Ferry Mix. So, we’re more than happy to have Mac-Kee on board who mixed and compiled this special 1hr set. Allow us to drop a side link to his most recent EP on RRYGULAR – „That’s Right EP“. Enjoy listening…


Mac-Kee is a pioneer of the early East German Techno scene. We followed his gigs and parties already in the mid-1990s. Consequently, we were absolutely delighted when Mac-Kee performed his new live act with „machines-only“ at our last years I Love Vinyl Open Air. Since then we have woven close ties between us and we’re proud to present his new release „That’s Right EP“ on RRYGULAR.


1. When did you first get into music?
Music has always accompanied me. Since my youth I collect records and CDs, most of these pop and hip-hop.
Since 1992/93 I focussed on Techno…

2. What was your favorite record of 1990s, 2000s and 2010s?
Oh, that is hard to pick one for each decade. Especially in the 90s there were many records that influenced me.
Steve Poindexter, Joey Beltram, Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and many more made releases which I still count as my favorites.
Later I turned to more dub-heavy sounds of labels like Chain Reaction and Rhythm – this sound I still like and play.
In 2010 and later, tracks of Enzo Siragusa, Tini or Chris Lattner are among my favs.
However, when I should name a record that started my passion it would be „The Age Of Love“.

3. What can we expect from you next? Any surprises?
At the moment I am working on different tracks and try to optimize my live set. This summer I look forward to some special events.
Apart from that I just look forward what the year will bring for me.

RRYGULAR presents Distale „INOUT“

Distale is not a man of many words. The Berlin-based producer prefers to let his music speak for itself. His new „INOUT“ EP
hosts two raw and fundamental Techno tools and a remix by Frenchmen From Karaoke To Stardom.


New Marek Bois on RRYGULAR

Following his second longplayer „UBERBOIS“ Marek Bois is coming back with a new 2-tracker on RRYGULAR. Here’s a short preview… Official release on Friday, May 22 2015.

Daniel Trabold Yeah! Techno Chart 3-2015

1. Daniel Trabold – Karl (Kleinschmager Audio Remix)

2. Dapayk solo – Orwo

3. Kleep – Formular one

4. Radio Slave – Children of the E

5. Exile 001 B1 – Johannes Heil & Markus Suckut

6. Alex Bau – On Synth

7. Moteka – Bais one (Original Mix)

8. Marcelo Cura – Acuario (Alisonn Remix)

9. Kill Frenzy – No Panties (Original Mix)

10. Kink – Soda Caustic (Original Mix)


Check also on Beatport…!-techno-charts/341447

Daniel Trabold

Daniel Trabold „Friedenstein EP“ out now!

We welcome a new face to the RRYGULAR circus. Daniel Trabold debuts with his „Friedenstein EP“. Remix support comes from two experienced label acts. Kleinschmager Audio turns the „Karl“ original track into a dub techno version while Marek Bois feels more like wielding the Techno cudgel.



Kleinschmager Audio „Grown In“ out now!

Kleinschmager Audio are back  with „Grown In“ and present not only the usual and well-functioning Minimal style. They also head over to the analog Dub world with a special regional souvenir named „Audio Four“. In addition the title track received a proper remix treatment by Marek Bois, that is put first on this release.


Three questions to Kleinschmager Audio

With their new EP „Grown In“ ready to be released on Friday 9/1/15 we asked Joern Kleinschmager to give us a short heads up.

Kleinschmager Audio

1. What is the focus on your new release?

I wanted a floor-suitable track with a high degree of recognition. It shouldn’t be filled too much with Tech House but follow up on the sound of my past EPs. The dubby track „Audio Four“ is audiophile, produced completely with analog devices and was not created with a computer.

2. Do you still get influenced by other musicians?

Of course – all the time! There are so many great releases out there. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to get a complete overview. The trendy sound changes with time and with technical possibilities. But there are also so many timeless old tracks, that fit in today’s sound and you wouldn’t even notice.

3. Do you have any surprises we can expect from you in 2015?

There is a remix for Daniel Trabold to be released on Rrygular and we are already working the next Kleinschmager Audio release, that might fit more into the dub tech genre. Apart from that I’ll play my dj gigs with a few selected „vinyl only sets“.

„UBERBOIS“ tour begins…

On Nov. 5th Marek Bois begins his new „UBERBOIS“ album tour at Das Erste Mal, Kassel.

More tour dates…

08.11.14 CCK Events, Kandertalhalle, Wollbach
21.11.14 Harry Klein, München
29.11.14 Sparte 13, Naumburg
20.12.14 I Love Vinyl, Wolke, Wolkramshausen
10.01.15 Distillery, Leipzig
23.01.15 Watergate, Berlin
24.01.15 Das Rind, Rüsselsheim
27.02.15 Cafe Gold, Zürich

Official album release date: 21.11.14


Distale „Dr. Belusa EP“ out now!

We welcome Distale to the RRYGULAR artist pool and present his first release „Dr. Belusa EP„. Two raw and pure techno tools. Here’s some feedback:
DJ Sneak: „Fav: Bigger. Very cool release.“
Stacey Pullen: „Fav: Bigger. Cool, will try. Thanks“
Slam Mode: „Fav: Bigger. Feelin‘ it …well done.“
Jorge Ciccioli: „I will play Utha8!“
Christopher Çolak (Halfstereo, Istanbul): „Fav: Utha8. Big room stomper EP. I like it!“
Posivision mag: „Fav: Utha8. Sound pressure sensitivity is great! I’m looking forward to vinyl.“

RRygular59 Artwork

New compilation „RRYGULAR Bits & Pieces“

RRYGULAR presents his fourth label compilation centered around the artists that released in the past two years on the Berlin-based label – Jorge Ciccioli, Insect Elektrika, Greenbeam & Leon, Denied, to name a few. But also join this gathering. Still focusing on the minimal style of electronic club sounds recent influences of tech house are clearly visible. The compilation is completed by a few tracks from the early catalogue make it a well-rounded overview.

rryd04 cover

Kleinschmager Audio interview

This month RRYGULAR released „Auris EP“ by Kleinschmager Audio and we took the chance for a short Q+A with Joern…


How has your sound changed since Audiology?
Generally, the sound has become a bit thicker and housier. On the Audiology in 2009, there are some greatly reduced sound elements, that worked well on the floor. Today, the dance floor will be empty, if we play these tracks.


How do you produce your tracks?
The tracks are created spontaneously. Generally, there is a bassline, building on the beat, etc. with the aim of creating a rolling groove. This is not always possible and is often very time-consuming. The arrangement with breaks, effects, etc. is relatively quickly.


Describe your sound in three words.
Straight, Rolling, Techno.


Why don’t you break up with turntables, when the majority of the DJs only travels with a USB stick?
It all started with turntables and I am very used to it. Thanks to timecode vinyls you could play any tracks from the laptop that did not exist on vinyl. That was before DJ Controllers with Sync button existed. During this time, there were many hip „netlabels“ and you had the opportunity to release tracks without much effort and play these on usual turntables. Since then I play a mix of real vinyl and timecode vinyl, whereby I attach great importance to the quality of the audio files. I like the „feel“ of the record very much and I think it looks even better for the guest to work behind a turntable than to press buttons and to turn jog wheels.


Are there technical features you don’t want to miss and why?
Looping. In the beginning there wasn’t the possibility. Now you can change all tracks with loops and extend them. You can affect the flow and expand the mix, etc., it does not matter whether you work with a Loopsampler or a DJ software. This is great fun while playing and goes down well with the crowd on the dance floor.


As a veteran in the Techno/DJ scene, what is your advise to newcomers?
The most important thing is to find your own sound that identifies you. It makes no sense to line up only Hits, because noone will remember. Static and remixed sxnc sets can also be boring. It is important to respond to the situation and the crowd. I experience more often that DJs only play their sets, regardless whether someone is dancing or not. And: less is more, for example the use of effects and filters.


Any thoughts about retiring?
As long as it’s fun and as long as I can heat up the dance floor, I don’t think about retiring. I am still in good shape, there’s more to come 🙂


What are your future musical plans?
After the „Auris E.P.“ I will tackle the next one. Half a year will pass by until the next release. Maybe there are a couple of remixes in the meantime.

Kleinschmager Audio free track!

The new release „Auris EP“ by Kleinschmager Audio contains a free bonus track called „Stapes (Elipamanoke Version)“. Get it here

rry58 cover

New RRYGULAR Podcast by Greenbeam & Leon

RRYGULAR welcomes Greenbeam & Leon in the label’s podcast series. The dj and producer duo from Georgia presents their second release „Mutation Process EP“ on the label family. They know each other for more than 10 years now. So, playing together in clubs or making music in the studio is a common thing. They are also actively engaged in the advancement of electronic music in Georgia by co-organizing the radio platform You can see the guys really mean it and get on extremely well together. Enjoy the mix…