Three questions to Kleinschmager Audio

Three questions to Kleinschmager Audio

With their new EP „Grown In“ ready to be released on Friday 9/1/15 we askedĀ Joern Kleinschmager to give us a short heads up.

Kleinschmager Audio

1. What is the focus on your new release?

I wanted a floor-suitable track with a high degree of recognition. It shouldn’t be filled too much with Tech House but follow up on the sound of my past EPs. The dubby track „Audio Four“ is audiophile, produced completely with analog devices and was not created with a computer.

2. Do you still get influenced by other musicians?

Of course – all the time! There are so many great releases out there. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to get a complete overview. The trendy sound changes with time and with technical possibilities. But there are also so many timeless old tracks, that fit in today’s sound and you wouldn’t even notice.

3. Do you have any surprises we can expect from you in 2015?

There is a remix for Daniel Trabold to be released on Rrygular and we are already working the next Kleinschmager Audio release, that might fit more into the dub tech genre. Apart from that I’ll play my dj gigs with a few selected „vinyl only sets“.