Mac-Kee is a pioneer of the early East German Techno scene. We followed his gigs and parties already in the mid-1990s. Consequently, we were absolutely delighted when Mac-Kee performed his new live act with „machines-only“ at our last years I Love Vinyl Open Air. Since then we have woven close ties between us and we’re proud to present his new release „That’s Right EP“ on RRYGULAR.


1. When did you first get into music?
Music has always accompanied me. Since my youth I collect records and CDs, most of these pop and hip-hop.
Since 1992/93 I focussed on Techno…

2. What was your favorite record of 1990s, 2000s and 2010s?
Oh, that is hard to pick one for each decade. Especially in the 90s there were many records that influenced me.
Steve Poindexter, Joey Beltram, Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and many more made releases which I still count as my favorites.
Later I turned to more dub-heavy sounds of labels like Chain Reaction and Rhythm – this sound I still like and play.
In 2010 and later, tracks of Enzo Siragusa, Tini or Chris Lattner are among my favs.
However, when I should name a record that started my passion it would be „The Age Of Love“.

3. What can we expect from you next? Any surprises?
At the moment I am working on different tracks and try to optimize my live set. This summer I look forward to some special events.
Apart from that I just look forward what the year will bring for me.